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MASSAGE AND BEAUTY THERAPIES. ACUPRESSURE - Massage with special techniques against lumbar and cervical pain, anti-cellulite treatments, lymphatic drainage for body detoxification, relaxing massages, anti stress, body remodeling, cosmetic-facial massage, Shiatsu acupressure. You can benefit from treatments at our clinic or in the comfort of your own home, thus eliminating the discomfort of traveling. You will benefit from quality services, experienced therapists and, last but not least, reasonable rates. For appointments please call 07459215609 or email

Anti Stress/Relaxing massage
60 min/30 min - £ 45/£25

Relaxing  massage  is  recommended  prophylactically to any  persons  who wish  to maintain  physical and mental health, prevent  illness,  to escape  from everyday stress  to  maintain his/her  body in  good shape.

Anti-Cellulite treatment
 50 min/30 min - £ 40/£30

Cellulite  massage  is performed  locally in  the affected areas,  and use  special  creams  or oils  reducing  affected  epidermal  layer.
It acts  directly  on superficial layers  of the body,  stimulates the  skin and  subcutaneous tissue  elasticity,  helps to  activate  blood circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage
60 min - £ 45

The lymphatic system  is  considered  an advocate of  healthy  body. He  is  carrying  waste  from the body.  However, unlikely  the circulatory system, where blood  is  pumped by the heart  through the body,  lymph  does not have  such a  "pump"  and the  flow  is  slower and  only  with  muscle  movement. Deep tissue massage is required.

Shiatsu Acupressure
40 min - £ 35

Shiatsu shrubs are especially targeted against spinal pain.

Diseases such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar discopathy and even disc herniation are greatly improved, some to total healing by using these techniques.

Body shaping/lumbar massage 
60 min - £ 50

Body shaping  massage  refers  mainly  to  the effects that different  manual techniques  have related to  weight loss  of patients  or increase/decrease  volume  breast  for  patients  with a  prominent  fat  in the abdominal area.

Cervical Massage
20 min - £ 15

Cervical  massage  aimed  mainly  neck,  shoulders  and stretches  slightly to the  blades.
8-9  techniques can  be  applied to this  type of  manual massage especially  beneficial  in  chronic  fatigue, headaches, cervical spondylosis and  other  related.

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