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Shiatsu Acupressure is a Japanese, non-invasive technique that uses the handles and palms of the hands to balance the energy of the body and treat various illnesses caused by these imbalances. Prevents, relieves and treats in most cases diseases of the spine such as lymph-sciatica, cervical spondylosis, herniated disc, but also other organic dysfunctions. The results are excellent. Totally noninvasive and without contraindications. Benefits from quality service and experienced professionals, not least, reasonable rates.
Manual Massage goals are multiple  among others, the maintenance of good health and overall body functioning to prevent functional disorders (fatigue, edema) and treatment of organic diseases of the musculo-skeletal trauma.

The Beauty Therapies our clinic performs refers mainly to anti aging treatments, rejuvenating skin procedures, cosmetic - facial massage, anti-cellulite treatments, chocolate wrapping for a soft and relaxed body skin. We use exclusively probably the most performing anti aging and rejuvenating products of the Gerovital range, by Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan

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